Commander League

Come join us for the all-new Commander League!

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Viewable PDF Scoring Sheet

Commander League is a system we have created that scores players based on special conditions they perform during a game of Commander. The more points you score, the higher you rise in the leaderboards. The person with the most points at the end of a season will receive a set box for the next released expansion set. There will also be other ways of winning prizes throughout the season.

These points can come from a variety of ways, such as creating gaining 10 life in a turn, drawing 10 or more cards in a turn, and everyone's favorite, eliminating opponents.

There will be one scored game per week. This game will take place on our Monday night Commander Night at the Mr.E Comics store location from 5PM to 12AM.

The scoring sheet that will be used for this upcoming season can be found HERE. The upcoming season will run from 11-19-2021 to 02-14-2022*

*Season finish dates and prizes are subject to change*

Joshua Raphael on Twitter: "Edgar's Awakening for MTG Crimson Vow AD:  Ovidio Cartagena I believe this is one of the crucial moments on Crimson Vow.  Special thanks to my friends Audry Dayes,