Mr. E Comics Pokémon Art Contest

Mr. E Comics Pokémon Art Contest

We at Mr. E Comics enjoy displaying original works in our store. While official artwork and posters are great ways to advertise new releases, we like to feature community members and show off their creativity. We feel that this is a much more valuable use for our wall space. Thus, we are hosting an art contest to get artwork from our community in our store.

The rules are as follows:

  • The artwork must be complete and delivered to the store by February 18th, to be displayed on February 19th. When you deliver your piece to the store, we will collect your name and contact information.
  • The artwork must prominently feature Pokémon characters (specifically the creatures). That isn’t to say that other franchises or characters cannot be referenced in any way. We look forward to seeing your ideas.
  • The artwork must be family appropriate. While we appreciate adult content, this art will be on display where children play games. We want our store to be a welcoming environment.
  • We will offer four prizes for the event: first, second, third, and store’s choice. Anyone, except for the artists, who visits the store during our display day will be allowed to vote for their favorite piece. First, second, and third place will be determined from these votes. The store’s staff will also vote on their favorite piece, and that piece will receive the store’s choice award. One piece may receive two prizes.
    1. First place will receive 100 dollars of in-store credit.
    2. Second place will receive 60 dollars of in-store credit.
    3. Third place will receive 40 dollars of in-store credit.
    4. The store’s choice will receive 100 dollars of in-store credit.
    5. The store credit gained from winning this contest can be used to buy anything for sale in the store.
  • Though some pieces may not win, we may still be interested in making an offer on your art. We will contact all the artists after the fact and ensure that everyone understands the results.
  • The artwork must be an original piece. If a work is found to be stolen, the artist involved will be immediately disqualified.
  • The artists are responsible for their behavior and should respect other participants in the event. Any violation of this rule can result in immediate disqualification.

We will display the winners of the contest in the store for a minimum of six months. After which, we reserve the right to sell the artwork to our customers.

 pink floyd wallpaper 051 - 5000x2436 pixel - WallpaperPass

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Artist: Deandre


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