Streets of New Capenna Draft League Ruleset

On the Fridays of April 29th, May 6th, May 13th, and May 20th, Mr. E Comics will run up to two qualifying drafts at the library. These qualifier drafts will only be the first two drafts that we run each night that contain eight or more players. Each of these drafts will be best of three, three round Swiss and entry will be fifteen dollars. These drafts will start as soon as we have an acceptable number of players and as soon as the players are ready. Players are responsible for being on time and ready to play.

Each player will receive points based on their performance in each draft they participate in. Depending on the number of participants overall, the top eight or sixteen players will be entered to play in a seeded, double-elimination tournament taking place on June 3rd at 7pm. This draft will cost fifteen dollars like any other draft. The players who qualified will be announced on social media on Sunday, May 23rd. Players may also visit the store any time during the week and inquire about this. Any qualifying players that are not present at starting time will forfeit their seat to the next highest seeded player present.

Only the first, second, and third place players in the tournament will receive prizes. First place will receive 100 dollars in cash or 150 dollars in in-store credit. Second place will win 50 dollars in cash or 75 dollars in in-store credit. And finally, third place will win 20 dollars in cash or 30 dollars in in-store credit.

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